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Grace Senior Living Reaches Out to Homeless in Douglasville County

‘Blue Bonnet Baking Club’ at Grace Senior Living Reaches Out to Homeless in Douglasville Community

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (March 12, 2015) – The ‘Blue Bonnet Baking Club’ at Grace Senior Living is using their love of baking to reach out to the greater Douglasville community and minister to those staying at local homeless and battered women’s shelters.

“The Blue Bonnet Baking Club seemed like the perfect way for our residents to connect with others in the community because everybody’s day is made a little brighter with homemade baked goods,” says Karen Cabral, administrator at Grace Senior Living.

The Blue Bonnet Baking Club was started just over a year ago. Today it is anchored by a group of five residents and is open to all of the residents at Grace Senior Living.

Celestine Neeson, the club’s longest participant and unofficial lead baker, helps to determine the group’s monthly baking agenda. This month the club voted to share their hard work with those in the Douglasville community who are experiencing homelessness.

“Baking is enjoyable for our residents, and it creates a terrific opportunity to serve the homeless,” said Cabral. “We are thankful to have residents who are willing to serve others in this way.”

Of course, the baking club always shares the fruits of their labor with fellow residents. And while the club is willing to take on any baking challenge, “everyone’s favorite seems to be Celestine’s cheesecake,” Cabral says.